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About Us

This organization will be a gathering of radio programmers from major and breaker markets, as well as a broad spectrum of music industry representatives. There will also be participation from people in the Southeastern half of the U.S., Particularly Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee & Texas who are regular visitors to our website.
The quarterly meetings will feature seminars with education and learning about "This Business of Music", Blues along with "Southern Soul"
Most of all, if you "LOVE THE BLUES" than this is definitely "THE PLACE TO BE".

Our Mission

We Believe in the Art of Music making

The Southern Soul Family Jam is a conference that has been established to educate and entertain local music makers and music enthusiasts through our workshops. We are opening the doors and bridging the gap between the music originators and the entertainment industry around the world. We will help bring a greater awareness of Southern Soul, R&B, Blues and Gospel  to the public, while producing quality executives.

Willard Frederick
Executive Director & Convention Coordinator
(504) 467-9458 / Fax: (504) 467-9459
Jerry Mason
Author & Publisher, "The Boogie Report"
Mason Media Services
(334) 585-5155

The American Music & Media Association
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